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Michelle Miller, PhD Posts

Facebook’s hold on middle-aged lives, and other reflections on my spring break social media shutdown

Posted in Academic Life, and Technology

About a month ago, I wrote about a social media break I was taking as part of my Technology, Mind, and Brain seminar. I’ve now wrapped up that experiment, and am looking back on what it was like and what it told me.

A new replication study revives the question: Is taking notes by hand really better for students?

Posted in Cognitive Psychology and Learning, Higher Education, and Technology

It’s not the modality of or tools used for notetaking, but the thought processes that go along with it, that matter.

Overtesting in K-12 is ruining one of the best things we can do for college students, and we need to talk about it.

Posted in K-12

Have you ever had the experience of sharing something that you knew was exciting and important, something that inspired you and led you to change how you do your work?