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Category: Higher Education

Is your IHE truly teaching-focused? It probably isn’t, and if you teach, you’ve seen the signs.

Posted in Academic Life, Higher Education, Ideas and Resources, and Trends and Change

In last week’s Chronicle Teaching Newsletter, reporter Beth McMurtrie offers a thoughtful reflection on the valuing, and devaluing, of teaching within higher education. Sparked by a conference put on by a high-profile national organization, her points echo ones I’ve heard,…

Tending, befriending, and coping with upending: Takeaways from the first month of mass emergency remote education

Posted in Academic Life, Cognitive Psychology and Learning, Higher Education, Ideas and Resources, Technology, and Trends and Change

About a year ago, I experienced what we all do sooner or later in the course of our face-to-face teaching careers: something terrible and unexpected happened in class. In my case, a student collapsed and became unresponsive*.*The student was okay,…

Active learning, active pushback, and what we should take away from a new study of student perceptions

Posted in Higher Education, and Student Success

To most of us with an interest in such things, the idea that active learning = good is not exactly new. So what is world-rocking about what Deslauriers and colleagues did?