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Remote and Online Professional Development

Your community can engage with Michelle and her work anywhere, at any time. Michelle approaches remote engagement with a unique philosophy that grows out of best practices for online learning.

Online keynotes can work much as they do within traditional in-person conference-style gatherings. Or, taking advantage of the flexibility afforded by videoconferencing and discussion tools, online events can break the mold of the typical development event. An online workshop, for example, can extend over several days or even weeks, with multiple opportunities for participation that can engage different groups of faculty differently. Follow-up activities or application projects can extend the value of the event and encourage participants to put what they’ve learned into action.

Michelle’s remote events feature active engagement and a balance of presentation and application that’s tailored to a given campus and audience. The possibilities are many, but the intention is the same: To inspire participants and move them to action, while developing their ability to apply cutting-edge research and theory to their own teaching.

Contact Michelle to learn more about remote and online options.