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Fun with infographics: A memory tip sheet for my students

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I’m far more of a word person than a picture person, but even I get a charge out of the occasional graphic. I’ve been playing around with Piktochart lately after seeing some fun projects using it at the latest Teaching Professor Technology conference . Like similar tools, it promises that you don’t need any design skills to churn out serviceable graphics, a claim which I have probably pushed to its logical extreme.

For practice, I made a tip sheet for students in one of the skills enrichment classes I teach for NAU’s University College. It’s intended to summarize, in very simplified and concise form, the most useful techniques for memory. Fans of books like Moonwalking with Einstein or Make it Stick will see some familiar themes in this list. Really though, these are general principles that memory researchers have been pointing out for ages.

(Could you find a use for this graphic? If so, please be my guest!)


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