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Michelle Miller, PhD Posts

Should learning analytics be like email? Teaching routines and why we need small analytics

Posted in Higher Education, Ideas and Resources, and Technology

Ed tech insiders are probably used to articles rife with warnings, concerns and other worries, especially around the issue of commercialization.

On the amazing longevity of the learning styles notion, and what cognitive science has to say about it

Posted in Cognitive Psychology and Learning, and K-12

I had a conversation the other day with NAU colleague Larry Gallagher that inspired me to return to something I’d been thinking and writing about a while back: the astonishing persistence of the learning styles notion.

Baby steps toward better endings: Ringing out the semester with grace

Posted in Student Success

When I write about classroom atmosphere, it’s usually about ways to open the semester strong: setting high standards and an expectation that the class will be challenging, getting feedback out to students as soon as practical.

Student effort: Taboo, a third rail, or something we need to be talking about?

Posted in Course Redesign, First-year Learning Initiative, Higher Education, Student Success, Technology, and Trends and Change

I work in public higher education, where cost-quality tradeoffs have become a more-or-less permanent feature of the landscape.